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We are a Star Wars Family!

Jim & I were both raised during the Star Wars craze and we haven't let go of those years. Better yet, we have passed on the torch to our son, D.J.! Jim collects the 12" Collector's Series Figures and is always on the sly for the figures he doesn't have yet. He also enjoys role playing in the Star Wars universe and testing his Star Wars knowledge by playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit. D.J. and I collect the Star Wars Buddies (and Beanie Babies). Although, we only buy the ones we like... We are not "nuts" for beanies, like others out there! Anyways, we are always open for games of SW Monopoly and SW Tivial Pursuit. So if you are in our area.... Contact Us!!! (Delete "No Spam" from e-mail address otherwise it will not work!) Be forewarned, our son may only be six years old but he kicks butt in SW Trival Pursuit! LOL!

RebelPrivateer & JediLady's
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DJ is an X-Wing Pilot

Onto the collectibles... Rebel Privateer (Jim) has been collecting the 12" Collector's Series Figures since 1995. He is very proud of his hoard of toys and protects them with every thread of his being. We have posted the approximate values of each of his treasures as listed in White's Collector's Guide (April 1999). If you have more updated prices listings, feel free to Contact Me! and I will update this info. If you have figures that RebelPrivateer is missing or know where he can score one Contact Him! *** Please delete the "NO SPAM" from the email addresses to make them work! ***

Figures We Own...

Other Figures We Own....

Episode 1 Figures we own....