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We're military and proud of it!

Our Daddy Wears Combat Boots

Daddy's come in all different shapes and sizes.
Some daddy's wear suits and ties,
Some just any 'ole thing will do.
Some daddy's work 9-5, Monday through Friday,
Some even work 24 on and 24 off.
And then there are daddy's that go
And just come home whenever they want.
Our daddy is different than these.
He goes to work in "hunting clothes".
He never has a set schedule of when he will work.
He says our Uncle Sam decides
When daddy will go and when he will come home.
I don't think I have ever even met my Uncle Sam,
But he sure does mean a lot to our daddy.
I'm really not sure why, but about 3 months ago
Uncle Sam must've called our daddy in a rush.
Cause we only had a couple of days to say goodbye,
Not sure when we'd see him again,
And even still we don't.
We sat and cried and watched him pack--
Very, very, fast.
See he was on telephone standby,
So when Uncle Sam called back - he'd have to leave in a rush.
We tried our best to help him fill his mobility bag.
I brought him his new tennis shoes that mommy had just bought him.
I told him they could make him run really fast if he had to.
But he just shook his head and smiled,
And hugged me and said,
"Thank you baby, but daddy won't be needin' them,
You see, Uncle Sam bought me these here shiny black boots that I have to wear."
I looked at his eyes and I hugged him again,
I never meant to make my daddy cry.
Well, we all waited and waited, jumping at every ring.
Finally 3 days later it happened, the sound we feared the most.
When daddy said "Hello!", it was our Uncle Sam on the other end.
And he told daddy to tell us goodbye.
Daddy hugged us and kissed us and hugged us once more,
Then off he went to his big 'ole plane.
We're still so sad, even now.
Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone,
Yesterday we put up our tree.
It was a sad, sad day.
Our tree looks different then ever before,
Instead of red or silver or green,
Only Yellow Ribbons from the tippy top,
All the way to the floor.
If I knew where my Uncle Sam lived, I'd write him a letter
And ask him if my daddy could only be home in time to give me all I want for Christmas - him.
We say our prayers at every meal and every night.
"Dear God, please bring daddy home safe and bring him home soon"

By Loretta Bean

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Page last updated on 4 July 2002.

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