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      Hello, this is DJ and I just wanted to welcome you to my room. I am a pretty easy going kid with lots of energy. Dad's friends keep trying to find out what gives me my energy so they can bottle it and become rich! LOL! I mostly spend my days going to Karate, playing with my puppies, playing with my ImagiNext battle castle and having fun with mom and dad. Oh, and of course, I go to school during the school year too!

      Speaking of school, this year I am in 1st grade at Marshall Elementary School on Fort Campbell. My favorite class this year is Art, I love all the fun stuff we get to do in there. Mommy even lets me continue doing lots of art projects at home! Anyways, I like my school here, we have good teachers, a cool playground, a huge library (where mom helps out), and lots of other great things!

Military Brat Medal       You know, I kinda like being a military brat, mom and I get to have a really special relationship and whenever dad comes home we do so many really cool things together. Sometimes it really stinks when dad is gone for a long time and I miss him but he makes sure that he calls me when he can so I do not miss him so much. One of my favorite things to do that most kids can't do is go watch the airplanes or choppers take off and do training. I also get to go watch guys jump out of airplanes! Isn't that neat? I am just so proud of my daddy because he helps makes people feel good when they are sick and he is helping to protect our country. I miss him allot but when I see people dressed like him or I see the flag I just stand real still and salute, because that is what feels right to me.

      My mom makes me so proud when I see her study really late at night. She doesn't think I see her but sometimes I sneek down stairs and I see her staring at all her books. Seeing mommy go back to school just makes be want to work really hard in school so I can make her proud. Did you know she graduated and now she can become a police lady! And now she is studying to become a paramedic just like Daddy! That makes me so happy because I know she can do it. I wonder what I will be when I grow up? Maybe I will be a soldier, or maybe a doctor, or maybe a policeman. You know I really like animals, my mom thinks I am gonna be a animal doctor. That would be cool wouldn't it?

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