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pumpkin       Did you wait till the last minute to costume the kids? No need to worry -- All you need is a cardboard box to make these costumes!

What do I need?


Use a small box for the head with a large space cut out for the face, and a larger box for the body, with head and arm holes cut out.

Other materials: Paint, sparkly stick-ons, aluminum pans with stickers for the control panel.


Just a box over the head with the screen area cut out. Works well for the future stand-up comic or the kid who knows lots of movies by heart. A very quick costume.

      Planes, trains, automobiles-- place a box around your child's middle and attach with over-the-shoulder ties. Then, with paint, paper plates, tin cans, some additional cardboard, and imagination, your kid could be the following:

A race car--

Paint racing stripes, add cans cups or stickers for front and rear lights. Don't forget the sponsor's names on the side and the personalized license plates (I SCARE U).

A firefighter in a fire engine--

Box is painted bright red with ladders on the sides. Use aluminum pie plates for reflectors. A plastic firefighter's hat is a good addition. Your child will be more than happy to come up with the siren sounds.

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