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To SSG Mac's World!

Army Medic
My life consists of...
  • Family
  • Star Wars
  • The Army
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Paint Ball
  • Did I mention Star Wars???
Serving Proudly US Army

James 2004       Hello and welcome to my little corner of this website. My name is Jim but you can call me "Mac" everyone else does! I have been in the Army for over ten years and I have served proudly. I have been stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY since 1995 serving as a flight paramedic in an aviation unit. Before Ft. Campbell I served at Camp Stanly Korea and in the reserves in Michigan. During my time at Ft. Campbell, I have been sent away on 1 year assignments twice and I have spent the reminder of my time usually on some TDY assignment or deployment. So needless to say my family sometimes dispises my unit and the Army! But I wear my stripes with pride because I know that I am making a difference in the world! And I have made some amazing friends while doing it!

      Aside from the Army, I am a "complete Star Wars Addict", according to my wife , family & friends. My internet handles are X-WingCmdr & RebelPrivateer so you might see me around some Star Wars fan sites. I do have a rather impressive collecion of Star Wars 12" collectors figures and I do role playing in my spare time. What spare time? I'm in the Army! Hehehehe... If you are ever near Ft. Campbell and you want to get together and game, do not hesitate to Contact Me! Well, this is all I have time for right now. Maybe when I take some block leave, I will have my wife teach me this html thing. Until then, May the Force Be With You!

      I am trying to gather together all local gamers who are interested in playing the West End Games or the Wizards of the Cost Star Wars Role Playing Games. I have managed to find two players so far. If we can get some more who are interested we can start meeting on a biweekly basis to play. We have two people who can Game Master (myself and a chief here on FTCKY) so we can change up GMs and scenarios whenever we want. Please e-mail me ASAP so that we can set up a time and place to meet!

      Two years ago my wife took pitty on me and invested in a bunch of paintball gear for me. She knew I was going to Korea unaccompanied and that I probably would not find anyone to RPG with. So she figured if she bought me paintball stuff, it would get me out of my barracks and keep me out of the bars. I used to paintball all the time but after I got married, it was just something we could not afford. Lord, my wife just did not know was she was getting into by allowing me to pick up this old habit again. Now I am playing every weekend that I am home and she is just dying over the price of paint these days! So if you are in the area drop me an email and I can tell you were the best sites to play at are! GAME ON! I've been hit

James' Favorite Websites!

Wizards of the Cost: Star Wars Roleplaying company.
Decipher: All sorts of Star Wars info!
Star Wars RolePlaying: Rules to SWRPG
Snag's Complete Star Wars Collection: A whole list of SW figures
Star Wars Collectors Archive: Really complete and accurate!
Star Wars: Offical Site!
Star Wars Episode II: All about episode II and the new episodes!
Star Wars Kids: Just for the little jedi's out there!
War Gamer: WW I & II gaming
Wally's Allied General: Allied General Exspansion Kits
Table Tactics: WW II gaming supplier
Axis & Allies: One players tribute to the game
Dark Horse Comics: Star Wars comics and more!

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