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I am Dalmatian Crazy!

      I LOVE Dalmatians! I was raised all of my life with dalmatians! My favorite movie is 101 Dalamtians! I collect dalmatians! I even like spottydoodle because her name reminds me of dalmatians! I am dalmatian CRAZY! heheheheheh....

      Ok that is enough of that! But I really do like dalamtians... I collect dalmatians of all kinds, my goal is to get 101 of them before I die! I am off to a good start. I have like 15 miniature plastic figures from Disney, 6 ceramic and porcelin figures, one music box, and about 20 stuffed toys. I even have two stuffed "dalys" from Korea that my dh picked up on his last tour there!

      Oh yea, I also have about four t-shirts, 2 mugs, a quilt, a pair of sheets, a few posters, two barking pillows, slippers and about three sets of jammies... all with dalamatians on them! I am so addicted to dalamatians that I have a 2 page scrapbook layout on my scrapbooking portion of my website. Check it out!

      A quick request from one dalmatian addict to you... PLEASE understand that dalmatians are a very beautiful and fun breed BUT they require lots of attention and room to run. They are an extremely energetic breed. So before giving into your child's 102 Dalmatian fantasies, please consider all the facts & research the breed! Dalmatians have to have near perfect breeding to be able to avoid common birth defects such as hip dysplasia, blindness or being death! Pet store and back yard breeders just do not do, for this breed of dog. Make sure a dalmatian is right for your family before buying one. KEEP IN MIND, A cute dalmatian puppy grows up to be a big ball of energy; they are great family dogs IF you are prepared for them! Check out the links below before considering purchasing a dalmatian for your child.

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Why I love dalmatians:
  • They are an energetic & playful!
  • They are beautiful and sleek!
  • They are extremely smart & loyal
  • And 101 Dalmatian's has always been my favorite movie!

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Other Dalmatian Places! A GREAT Dally lover website!
The Dalmatian Club of America
The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc.
Dalmatian Rescue Resources
101 Dalmatians: the movie from Disney starring Glenn Close
102 Dalmatians: the 2nd movie from disney with returning star Glenn Close

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