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Heart now feels the anguish
Each pain in life aware
She stands alone in silence
She needs to have him there

He is on a journey
Within her heart he stays
Each moment at a distance
He feels her love these days

This the love that's sacred
That sacrifice we share
Upon the heart is written
The blessings of her prayer

Watch him very closely
Let him feel me near
Knowing I will always be
The voice he wants to hear

Whispers in the nighttime
That fall down from the sky
Let him feel the comfort
Of gentle words that fly

My love I am always with you
No, never will I stray
My heart and yours together
Yes, each and every day.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright March 31, 2003






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This page is dedicated to ALL those who have to say Good-bye in order to serve their country! And all the family members who sit and wait for their return!

Midi:  The beautiful midi is an original by ŠElan Michaels entitled Tears On A Rose.  It is used with permission and retains his SOLE copyright.

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