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Our Home

Here are some of our more photos of our home on Ft. Campbell. Being an Army family is a big part of our lives so we like to share some pictures of how we have managed to make our mundane military quarters feel like a real home. We hope you enjoy them!


Plain Old Army Housing We have lived in three different sets of military quarters on Ft. Campbell since we arrived here in 1995. Our first one was pretty bad, we still called it out "ghetto days." Our second one was actually in the same neighborhood we live in now but we did not like that one b/c it was on a major street and it was so noisy. But this house is just right for us! It backs up to a treeline for total privacy and access to nature. The outside is kinda plain right now but give us some time, we moved in after planting season was over! We already have big plans for the front and back yards!

This is the new armior wall unit that Jamie and Jamie bought unfinished and spent a whole weekend assembling and refinishing! For our first attempt at furnature refinishing, it did not turn out too bad at all! But after doing this monster plus an entire bedroom set, we were exhausted! Our Entertainment Wall Unit

Jamie's Altar Space This is Jamie's altar space in the main living area. I picked all of the candle sconces to match the existing wrought iron accents on all of the furnature in the living and dining room. I will post better and more current pictures soon!

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