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Meet Our Family & Friends

      Well it was only a matter of time before our family wondered why I had not posted pictures of them! LOL! So here you go... Please meet some of our family and friends! I will post pictures our loved ones as they get their butts down here for a visit! :-) Call it incentive if you will, or perhaps it is a threat?! Hehehehe....


Jamie's parents, Jim, Jamie & DJ Just in time for Thanksgiving, Jamie's parent's managed to get some last minute vacation time and rive down for a quick visit! It was really nice being able to spend some quality time with them without having to use cardboard boxes for tables! The last time there were here was when we moved here, so all the new things we had done to the house was quite a surprise for them!!

DJ loves his Aunt Dana and really wishes he could see her more often! This picture was taken at Christmas in 2003 while we were still in Michigan. Right now Dana in pregnant with her first child with her fiancee Scott. DJ is so stoked that he is getting a new cousin, he just does not want to be near any "stinky diapers." Perhaps after the baby is born Dana and Scott will be able to come for a visit! We keep tempting Scott with all of the good hunting FTCKY has! DJ and Dana @ Christmas 2003

Sister Witches Not only are they sisters and best friends but *gasp* they are Pagans too! Yes, we actually braved the bible belt wearing our "Witches Heal the Earth" shirts with pride! This picture was taken right before we had a girls day out in Nashville, during one of Kiki's visit's to FTCKY. That day we traveled all over the Metro area hunting out all of the Pagan Shops and then finished with a great dinner at Cafe Coco!

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