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Our Family's Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to our Photo Album! We have displayed some of our most treasured photos for you in thumbnail form. Please click on the photo to see it in full size form.

Thanx! Enjoy your stay!


Jamie 'n Jim Hiking For once in 7 years of marriage Jamie and Jim were actually together sometime around their anniversary! We had to mark it in our calendar! This year Jamie's sister was visiting so a few days before our anniversary she volunteered to take DJ out for the day, leaving us to do whatever we wanted. All we really wanted to do is sleep but we decided to go hiking on Ft. Campbell. It was a really great day! Thanks, KiKi!!!

DJ just loves martial arts. He started last year at this great Hapkido school in Michigan and he was hooked almost immediatly. We are not sure if it was the style or the teacher, himself, that DJ liked more! We had hoped that when we moved back to TN/KY we would be able to find another Hapkido school but we cannot find that style down here in the stix. So Dj is now enrolled at Song's Tae Kwan Do School in Clarksville. Here is DJ after he earned his 1st yellow stripe... just a few more stripes away from a yellow belt! DJ 1st stripe

A Knight & A Dragon DJ just adores everything and anything having to do with dragons. So it is no mystery what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. (Or last year for that matter!) And what is a dragon without a knight as a friend, right? So Jim decided to pick up a cheap knight costume and the two went out and terrorized Ft. Campbell together. Jamie stayed at home and passed out the candy!

Paintball Hero Jim is slowly turning paintball into a family affair. He began with begging Jamie to go play and when she denied his requests he moved onto DJ. After a few rounds of paint thrown around in the backyard between father and son, DJ was hooked! Now DJ shoots dad's paintball marker in the backyard whenever he gets the chance. These days you can find Jim and DJ together on the field here at Ft. Campbell. We found a great company that makes paintball armor suits and ordered a custom suit for DJ's safety. We are patiently waiting for DJ's specially made suit to arrive and when it does, my two men are going to spend three whole days on the field. So watch out for new pictures of DJ wearing his new gear!

Check out the "Field Armor" website for the guys making DJ's new suit! Heck, order your own suit and tell them we sent yeah!

DJ shot Jim

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