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My husband is jealous and I don't know why
The computer was his idea to buy

Just because we've had take-out three nights in a row
Is no reason for him to carry on so

I've given up shopping so I can stay home
So many Web sites I still want to roam

On-line is wonderful and so is E-mail
Jim keeps on hoping our power will fail

He claims that I don't love him but really I do
It's just that I love the computer, too

Too bad this poem I'll never complete
I wiped out the rest when I hit "delete"

~Dorothy R. Malkus

I'm really not an addict,
There is no need to shout;
But talking with my puter friends,
Has turned my life about.

I still do the grocery shopping,
And make a bed or two;
But instead of staring at TV,
I spend some time with you.

I go with friends or family,
To dinner or a show;
I take the time to hear my kids,
Or to watch a flower grow.

But yes, you'll find me off and on,
Sitting on my puter chair;
And talking to my cyber friends,
Who always seem to care.

There are redeeming qualities,
And hear me if you will;
Since playing in this cyber world,
I've improved keyboarding skill.

In fact I feel at peace with life,
Things are going well;
The only thing it hasn't done,
Is teach me how to spell.

~Author Unknown

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