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To All!

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      Each and every year people all over America sit around the dinner table enjoying their holiday meal, without a care in the world for just that moment. In the wake of Sept. 11th's tragedy I would hope that all Americans reguardless of nationality, religion or creed would look to their fellow American as a brother or sister and embrace them for who there are. If we stand together as a country no terrorist will ever be able to tear apart what Americans have been building together for centuries.

      It is my wish that when everyone sits down for dinner, they will think of what they are greatful for and who we have lost this past year. I would hope that they remember that there are people less fortunate than themselves out there and would make the effort to touch someone's life. Please, this year think of those people and dig through your closets and pantries for things that you do not use. Donate these things to charity, because that old afgan and that can of food can keep one person's holiday extremely happy.

      Perhaps you will think of those families who are short a member this year and remember them in your prayers. You could donate money or resources to any of the funds that were established for the families torn apart on Sept. 11th. If we all do just one little thing, we can help many, many people enjoy Nov. 26th!

Things Our Family are Greatful for:
  • Good friends- the ones who stick around through thick and thin!
  • Close Family- the ones who care, when others do not!
  • The Armed Forces- the security they provide!
  • The Night Stalkers- our extended family!
  • Our son, DJ- the one who brings pure enjoyment & meaning to our lives!

What we're doing on Turkey Day Weekend:

  • Cooking (of coarse!)
  • Having our "extended family" over for dinner after a celebratory ritual!
  • Cooking for the single soldiers in Green Platoon!
  • Studying (Yup, Jim and I both have homework! EEK!)
  • Giving Thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives!

Things we do to spread the Thanksgiving Spirit:

  • I am baking some home made goods to take to the gate guards of Ft. Campbell
  • I created this little spot on our homepage
  • I am gathering toys, clothes, and other items and donating them.
  • Helping DJ to make alittle something to send to the soldiers fighting the war against terrorism
  • Praying for all those families who have lost family and friends in this age of war.
  • Praying that the next four years will be better than the last four years for our divided country!

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