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to All of the Wonderful People

Who Contributed To Our Site!

All the graphics below, link to the people who helped make our website possible! Please feel free to visit them! If you happen to find a graphic or background that belongs to an artist that I failed to give proper credit to...PLEASE e-mail me so I may fix it immediately. This site was first built when I was a newbie and didn't know anything about HTML, let alone giving credit on the same page! So help me out if you can. THANKS!

Visit my awards page and my prizes page for more links to great websites!

free gifs and animations

I got some really cool graphics and animations from here!

Camille's Graphics

Camille has some beautiful graphics and backgrounds that she hand draws!
UNFORTUNATLY she has been forced to close her free site down due to people
stealing and altering her graphics. Feel free to visit her homepage
to meet her, she is now selling her previously free graphics collection.

Pat's graphics

Pat has some pretty cool full page sets! I think her specialty is holiday sets!
You can also buy her graphics collections on CD! Check it out!

Help from the Cad

The Cad can help you with your HTML questions!


Annabella has some great tutorials for HTML.


Let Ancarett help you with making your page look better!

hot for truckers
Don't let the name scare you!
She is very good at fixing those common
html problems we all have but hate to admit.

Mom of Nine

Mom of Nine gave me this great wreath!
I thank her for the help & inspiration she gave me!

Angel's gifs

I got some beautiful angels from Angel_Fae's place.
Stop by her adoption agency & get your own angels!

Susie's Gifs

Check out Susie's graphics they are handmade by her with love! And they are just the cutest things on the net!

SBing Gifs

Check out Cyndi's graphics, she specializes in scrapbooking graphics for your webpages! Not to mention all sorts of other great scrapbooking ideas!

Kathryn's Graphics

I am sorry you can no longer check out her great graphics. After her website was the constant victim of bandwith stealing she was forced to resign as a web graphics designer. :-( It is a darn shame too, because her graphics were great! Click on her banner and it will take you to her personal homepage. She also has a scrapbooking website you can visit from my scrapbook links page.

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