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Hi, folks and welcome to my "main" Valentine's Day page! I love Valentine's Day because it is a day where I can be all mushy with my dh and he doesn't mind! Unfortunately, this year I will not be able to spend the holiday with my dh. Yup....duty calls once again! You know, people ask me all the time, how can I possibly stand being number two, to 'Uncle Sam'? I don't feel that way, though. My dh always treats our family as number one and that's why I think I love about him sooooo much!

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Loving a soldier is not always ,
And loving him is a high price to pay.

It's mostly loving with nothing to hold,
It's being young, yet feeling old.

It's having him whisper his love for your,
It's whispering back that you love him too.

Then comes a kiss, a promise of love,
Knowing you're watched, approved from above.

Reluctantly, painfully letting him go,
While you're dying inside from wanting him so.

Watching him leave, with eyes full of tears,
Standing alone with hopes, dreams and fears.

It's sending a letter with the stamp upside down,
To a far away love, in a far away town.

It's going to church to kneel and pray,
and really meaning the things that you say.

And though you know that he's far away,
You just keep loving him more each day.

Being in love will merit your dreams,
With thought of heaven, where love's light gleams.

Days go by and no mail for a spell,
You wait for some word, to hear that he's well.

Then the letter arrives, and you're given to joy,
You're like a small child with a shiny new toy.

With fingers atremble and heart beating fast,
You tear open his letter, and read it at last.

Yes, he's well and misses you so,
And it's filled with love you wanted to know.

Weeks are a month, and months are a year,
You're waiting the days, you'll have no fear.

Time passes slow, yet it's gone very fast,
You're barely aware it is here, till it's past.

Remember, he's thinking of you ever day,
He's sad and he's lonely for being away.

So love him, and try to be bolder,
And always be proud of loving a soldier.

~Author Unknown

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Great gifts for that someone special without spending a lot of cash!

  • An iVillage account
  • A pickle jar, nicely decorated, with slips of paper that have sweet nothings on them!
  • A handmade card
  • A basket tied with ribbons containing bath oils, bubbles, and some chocolate
  • A love note composed
  • A wild flower and love note on the windshield of their car or on the dashboard (if you have a key)
  • A Valentine Mad Lib Story written by you!
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