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It's an Army Life!

Our Pets

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Our Pets

We love our pets; there are vital members of our family. This house would not be complete without the pitter patter of dachshund feet!



MIssie: 10, red, smooth, short haired, dachshund.
Family guard dog, lap warmer & boss lady of the house!

Fav. Toys: Tug Cord & this raggity bear


Fav. Past Time: Laying on the window sill in the sun getting her beauty sleep. And chasing DJ around in the back yard! :-) Missie is also our "Big Bad Guard Dog," since DJ has been born! When ever DJ is around and someone that she don't know comes near DJ, she goes completely BONKERS! I guess that's a good thing, huh? After Missie became a Momma she totally settled down! LOL! She ended up having 6 little red doxy puppies a few years back so 5 of her puppies found new homes all over the Ft. Campbell area but DJ decided to keep one little girl he named Daisy. In 2006 Missie had herself another litter, this time only 3, one boy (Tank—he belongs to the Gatto family now), and two girls (one of which we kept and named Rosie)!





Daisy, 5, red, smooth, short-haired, dachshund.
Family vacuum, feet warmer and security alarm!

Fav. Toys: rawhide, she needs a 12 step program!

Fav. Past Time: Laying on the window sill in the sun getting her beauty sleep just like her momma. We call Daisy our "Lazy Daisy" since all she does is lay around but get some doggy treats in her and she's a wild flower. Her favorite thing to do lately is try to catch the neighborhood squirrel or the birds in the tree! We thought Daisy was a bit lazy before but in 2006 she had her first litter (8) and ever since she is the queen of lazy just like her momma.




Rosie, almost 1, red, smooth, short-haired,  dachshund.
Family clown, neck warmer and ball of energy!

Fav. Toys: ANYTHING she can get her teeth on but she prefers beanie babies!

Fav. Past Time: Running all over the place driving everyone crazy! Her favorite thing to do lately is drag out all of her toys and bark at us until we play with her.

Home is where the Army sends us!